SpineCAMP™ is designed to deliver Actionable
Insights to aid in spinal imaging assessment.

What levels are unstable?

SpineCAMP is designed to quantify and enhance visualization of sagittal plane motion at all levels to support your ability to detect instabilities.


Is it fused?

SpineCAMP stabilized imaging and reports are designed to support detection of subtle findings, such as pseudoarthrosis.


How's the alignment?

SpineCAMP is designed to analyze alignment at all levels and to report pelvic incidence, pelvic tilt, and the PI-LL mismatch.

Are adjacent segments healthy?

SpineCAMP is designed to quantify motion and intervertebral morphology of all levels after spinal fusion, to support objective assessment of the mechanical integrity at adjacent levels.

Automated, Integrated, and Instantly in your PACS

SpineCAMP is intended to deliver enhanced visualizations and comprehensive X-ray measurements directly into the clinical workflow. Powered by AI, SpineCAMP is designed to automatically and instantly analyze flexion/extension and neutral films to provide clinicians the data they need.

“SpineCAMP is impressive and useful for assessing motion in relation to spinal instability and fusion assessment.”

Sigurd Berven, MD

"This captivating technology has not only saved valuable time, but has also aided in identifying pathology that might have otherwise gone undiagnosed."

Pierce Nunley, MD

“The ability to return spinopelvic parameters in a film where the femoral heads are mismatched is really impressive.”

Chris Chaput, MD

“Before SpineCAMP, we did not have a system to tell us anything about how the spine moves. We take a ton of flexion-extension x-rays to visualize motion of the spine, but did not get any objective data on intervertebral motion without a painstaking manual measurement process."

Vikas Patel, MD

“SpineCAMP has been great to review the possibility of pseudoarthrosis and often times confirms my suspicions without the need to get a CT scan.”

Mark Mikhael, MD

Explainable AI Built upon the Foundation of Trust and Commitment to Continued Research

For 20 years, Medical Metrics has been trusted by the spine community to produce accurate and reliable assessment of spine images in over 300 clinical trials and studies.

SpineCAMP brings this image analysis expertise to the clinic by instantly injecting quantitative metrics and enhanced visualizations into current  clinical workflow.

Research Grants Available!
High-precision measurements of disc angle in flexion and extension using MMI’s proprietary QMA® analysis technology
Quantity and quality of spine motion (e.g. angular motion, center of rotation) following total disc replacement, evaluated using MMI’s proprietary QMA® analysis technology

Cervical & Lumbar Spine Analysis

SpineCAMP is designed to produce flexion/extension and neutral lateral analyses for cervical and lumbar spine imaging. Accurate, repeatable, objective and personalized characterization of the anatomy at all levels helps a clinician precisely understand the mechanical integrity of the spine before making treatment decisions.

Cervical & Lumbar Spine Analysis

Indications for Use

SpineCAMP is a fully-automated software that analyzes X-ray images of the spine to produce reports that contain static and/or motion metrics. SpineCAMP can be used to obtain metrics from sagittal plane radiographs of the lumbar and/or cervical spine and it can be used to visualize intervertebral motion via an image registration method referred to as “stabilization.” The radiographic metrics can be used to characterize and assess spinal health in accordance with established guidance. For example, common clinical uses include assessing spinal stability, alignment, degeneration, fusion, motion preservation, and implant performance. The metrics produced by SpineCAMP are intended to be used to support qualified and licensed professional healthcare practitioners in clinical decision-making for skeletally mature patients of age 18 and above.

SpineCAMP is Rx Only and should not be used in lieu of full patient evaluation or solely relied upon to make or confirm a diagnosis.

KneeCAMP™ and HipCAMP™ coming soon!


Spine CAMP™ Instructions for Use
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Spine CAMP™ Instructions for Use

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