Therapeutic Area Expertise

MMI’s therapeutic area expertise includes spine, orthopedics, cardiovascular, neurology, otorhinolaryngology, and thoracoabdominal studies.

Therapeutic Area Expertise


Leaders in Clinical Imaging Design and Interpretation

Since 2000, MMI has partnered on hundreds of trials of new medical devices, drugs, and biologics across a range of therapeutic areas. Our experience spans all study types and phases, ranging from preclinical and early-phase feasibility testing to post-market surveillance.
We specialize in studies of novel implants, cell and gene therapies, protein therapies, drugs for arthritis pain and disease modification, diagnostic products including AI-based radiology tools, and surgical robotic systems.
As the leading imaging core lab for spine clinical trials, MMI has been involved in approximately 80% of U.S. regulated spine trials. Our patented QMA® technology is the gold standard for spine measurements, with unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility. MMI’s spine experience includes fusion, motion preservation, deformity correction, vertebral and disc augmentation, and more across the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, and the sacroiliac joint.
MMI has evaluated hundreds of unique OA, trauma, and sports medicine therapies across the musculoskeletal system. Our patented QMA® technology allows for accurate and reproducible measurements of joint space narrowing and supports evaluations of device movement over time. Our orthopedic experience includes pain therapies, cartilage and soft tissue repair, hemi- and total joint arthroplasty, stem cell therapies, biologics, DMOADs, and more across all major joints in the body.

MMI’s experience in the cardiology, endovascular, and peripheral vascular spaces allows us to address the specific imaging needs of any trial. We work with luminary experts in the field and support all major cardiovascular imaging modalities, including echocardiography, angiography, CT, and MRI, in a single core lab. Our cardiovascular experience includes peripheral vascular disease, atherectomy, thrombectomy, arterio-venous fistula, aneurysms, stents, drug delivery catheters, and more.

As one of the only imaging core labs supporting otorhinolarygology clinical trials, MMI has validated and customized analysis methodologies in support of multiple, regulated clinical trials. We have the ability to objectively and quantitatively characterize pathologies such as sinus opacification, which may be missed using more traditional, qualitative grading systems. Our ENT experience includes chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, nasal irrigation, drug-eluting stents, and more.

MMI’s technical staff have over 50+ years of combined experience in neuroimaging. We support all major diagnostic neuroimaging modalities in a single core lab, and have validated tools for advanced image analysis and volumetric quantification. Our neurology experience includes aneurysm, acute ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, embolic protection, brain tumor therapies, and more.

MMI has supported numerous clinical trials in the thoracoabdominal space, including indications involving the lungs, liver, kidneys, and other abdominal soft tissue and organ systems. MMI’s thoracoabdominal experience includes soft tissue and organ ablation therapies, kidney/urinary stone treatments, aneurysms, emboli, nodule identification, surgical repair assessments, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


All of our expert reviewers are practicing, licensed, and board-certified physicians with both clinical and research interests. Depending on the study needs, these experts may be radiologists, surgeons, or other types of clinicians with subspecialty training in a particular therapeutic area (e.g. musculoskeletal radiologist or interventional cardiologist). MMI will select the appropriate reviewers to participate in your study based on your trial design and pre-defined reviewer selection criteria.

Potentially! MMI has the infrastructure and staff to support a variety of trial designs and imaging modalities. In addition, we have a strong network of key opinion leaders in different therapeutic areas to provide clinical and scientific expertise. If your trial is in another therapeutic area, contact us to learn more about our ability to support your trial! We value scientific integrity and honesty, and will always provide you with a candid response.

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