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An experienced, full service, global imaging services and solutions company, Medical Metrics, Inc. (MMI) delivers independent, high-quality image analysis you can trust.

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At Medical Metrics, we understand the science, the technology, the clinical application, and  the imaging.

Our Science First Approach

Every treatment and study requires a unique approach to the imaging design and execution, and MMI’s team delivers that by focusing on the science first! All of our scientific staff have advanced degrees in biomedical engineering, medical imaging, and related fields, which equip them to understand and customize the imaging methodology to fit your technology, your trial, and your regulatory requirements. Our physician reviewers and key opinion leaders are recognized experts in clinical imaging and research, and dedicated to helping you evaluate your product with the most effective, state-of-the-art imaging strategies.

Results You Can Trust

MMI has supported hundreds of large, global, multi-center clinical trials and research studies, with clients ranging from private start-ups to public multinational corporations. We have contributed to more than fifty pivotal regulatory approvals and clearances across U.S. and international regulatory pathways. Overall, we strive to deliver world-class imaging core lab services with an emphasis on accuracy, reliability, independence, and integrity. 

Uninterrupted Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of our fully digital workflow, MMI did not miss a beat in adapting to workplace adjustments that were made throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You can count on us! Click below to learn more about the advantages of working with MMI.



Our Core Services

From upfront imaging endpoint strategy design to downstream imaging data interpretation and publication, we’ve got you covered.

We design study imaging endpoints and research assessment methodologies to meet your unique needs.

One size does not fit all when it comes to imaging protocols. Our protocols are designed specifically for your treatment therapy.

We ensure your clinical sites are prepared to acquire the images necessary for high-quality, reliable imaging outcomes.

Site Initiation
Clinical Site Management

We ensure your clinical sites are prepared to acquire the images necessary for high-quality, reliable imaging outcomes.

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Image Quality & Site Compliance Monitoring

All clinical trial images that arrive at MMI are digitized and reviewed ensure quality and compliance to imaging protocols.

All clinical trial images that arrive at MMI are digitized and reviewed to ensure quality and compliance to imaging protocols.

Our expert physicians and trained analysts provide independent, centralized reads to evaluate your product performance.

We summarize the imaging outcomes of your study in a concise and easy-to-interpret manner.

MMI also provides services such as preclinical consultation and post-market product surveillance. See our Additional Services for a deeper dive into our offerings.


“Following what we believe to be a very positive outcome at last Friday’s FDA Advisory Panel meeting, I’d like to extend my deepest appreciation to everyone at Medical Metrics for all your hard work and support – not just for the Panel meeting, but throughout the entire trial.”

VP, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

"Medical Metrics does what they say, when they say they will do it.  In this industry, that is shocking."

Director of Clinical Affairs

“The novelty and the quality of work done by Medical Metrics is unprecedented, which is instrumental for us to generate a high impact publication and awareness from physicians.”

Clinical Research Manager

“Having the ability to measure changes on CT using the volumetric approach that your team has developed was key to the success.  We really appreciate all of the help at the time of study design and getting FDA comfortable with how we were measuring opacification.”

SVP, Clinical Research & Medical Affairs

“The site told me that MMI is so far the best company they’ve worked with, and they consider the service effective, very reliable, professional and very quick!”

Sr. Clinical Research Associate

“I've been working with MMI for several years now, and when I've worked at several different companies, and have very much enjoyed it.  Everyone is easy to work with, timely with responses and willing to work with me on our sometimes unique requests.”

VP, Research & Clinical Affairs

Let MMI provide insights into your clinical study imaging.

Have questions? We’ll connect you immediately to one of our scientific managers and imaging experts. Your time is precious, and we want to make the most out of it.

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