Full-Service Imaging Solutions for Your Clinical Trial

Medical Metrics® provides centralized imaging core lab (ICL) services for all phases of clinical trials and research studies. We offer unique clinical expertise and sound strategic guidance on study-specific imaging techniques, assessment methods, and endpoints. Our services fall into three broad categories: pre-study planning, study execution, and post-study interpretation.

Services include:

World-Class Imaging Expertise

Our clinical and scientific experts are recognized leaders in orthopedics, spine, neurology, cardiology, and vascular medicine. Our Medical Directors and image reviewers are board-certified, fellowship-trained, practicing radiologists, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons. Our imaging scientists are academically-oriented PhDs with practical experience in clinical research and imaging. Cumulatively, our experts have contributed more than 2,500 scientific publications to the peer-reviewed literature. We are familiar with every aspect of medical imaging in clinical trials and are committed to delivering unique insight into techniques and strategies that maximize the quality and value of your study.

Please browse our services and therapeutic expertise, or contact us to learn more.  Note: Our services are intended solely for clinical research purposes and are not intended for patient diagnosis or treatment.