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Medical Metrics, Inc. (MMI) is an experienced, full-service, global imaging core lab for multicenter clinical trials and research studies. Founded over two decades ago in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, we focus on the science first and foremost to deliver best-in-class scientific consulting services to our clients. We specialize in clinical image analysis and interpretation not only for clinical trials, but also research studies and other post-market initiatives. Our highly qualified and technical staff have the experience necessary to deliver scientific expertise that our clients can depend on. Learn more about our services and our team.


Experienced, Global Imaging Services Provider

100's  of clients and studies world-wide

1,000's  of global sites trained across all 6 continents

10,000's  of subjects evaluated

100,000's  of clinical visits processed

1,000,000's  of imaging exams analyzed

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Key Historic Milestones


Medical Metrics, Inc. is founded in the Texas Medical Center.


MMI is awarded our first IDE spine trial.


MMI celebrates the first product approval with our client.


MMI reaches our 100th study milestone.


MMI is awarded our first IND trial.


MMI achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification.


MMI reaches our 500th study milestone.


Medical Metrics strives to be a world-class medical imaging services and solutions provider to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and clinical research industries. Our primary objective is to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.


Benefits of Working with MMI

Our Advantages
Experienced Imaging
Services Provider
MMI has supported over 700 clinical trials and research studies as the trusted imaging core lab for hundreds of partners, with a 92% client retention rate. Our clients range from private start-up companies to public, multinational corporations. We also work with physician investigators and academic centers to publish outcomes from independent research studies. We are familiar with every aspect of imaging in clinical trials and are committed to delivering clear insight into your product safety and performance.
Imaging Experts
We deliver thoughtful, strategic, scientific consulting and imaging services via our expert physicians and scientists. Our clinicians are recognized imaging thought leaders in their fields and include editors of scientific journals, presidents of medical societies, department chairs of radiology, national scientific award-winners, and trusted advisers to regulatory authorities. Our imaging scientists are experienced with biomedical research and state-of-the-art imaging techniques. 
Proven History
of Success
We have proudly supported more than four dozen pivotal regulatory approvals and clearances across multiple regulatory pathways including IND, IDE, HDE, PDP, and 510(k) in the US, and similar paths to market in Europe, Australia, Canada, and Asia. Our experience also includes post-market regulated trials and clinical follow-up studies, along with registry studies for real-world evidence collection. Imaging outcomes from MMI have been published in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles across the world.
Centralized, Independent
Results You Can Trust
We place a strong emphasis on data quality at every step of the way to ensure that our clients have accurate imaging outcomes provided by independent, qualified experts. We maintain the highest standards for literature-based protocol development, image labeling and quality checks, reviewer selection, standardized training programs, pre-programmed data integrity checks, anomaly detection algorithms, and more. Our commitment to standardization of methodologies and independence of reads guarantees accurate and reliable imaging results.
Unique Commitment to Quality and Excellence
As an ISO 9001:2015-certified, independent imaging core lab, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of quality and reliability in our industry. We maintain strict adherence to regulatory requirements, audited SOPs, and GCPs. We encourage excellence in all business processes and are committed to continuous improvement through the application of quality objectives and risk management practices. Overall, we strive to deliver world-class imaging core lab services with an emphasis on reliability, independence, and integrity.
Best of an Academic  and Commercial  Imaging Core Lab
In a single provider, we deliver the luminary expertise and scientific leadership of an academic research group combined with the operational strength, global reach, and resources of a commercial imaging CRO. No other core lab offers our unique combination of scientific expertise, experienced project managers, and state-of-the-art infrastructure for supporting global clinical trials.

Let MMI provide insights into your clinical study imaging.

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