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Take SpineCAMP for a test drive at the 2024 Spine Summit at Booth #230!

February 08, 2024
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Latest SpineCAMP News

Assessing Instability in Lumbar Stenosis - MMI Presents to the Seattle Science Foundation
A provocative discussion among spinal clinicians, researchers, biomechanicians, and technology engineers regarding the state of spinal diagnostics.
"Ask the Experts" Session on Spine Instability at North American Spine Society 2023
Featuring MMI's John Hipp, PhD, along with Zorica Buser, PhD, and Charles Reitman, MD.
SpineCAMP, a fully automated, AI-powered Image Analysis Platform will be on display at NASS in booth #1251!
Stop by to learn how SpineCAMP uses AI to analyze X-rays to generate enhanced visualizations & reports, to support clinical assessment of spine health.