Pre-Clinical Imaging Consulting

Accelerating the Transition from Bench to Bedside

MMI provides pre-clinical imaging support for new product development and testing. Through collaboration with pre-clinical testing facilities and specialty imaging centers nationwide, we consult on in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo translational proof-of-concept studies that lead to treatment design optimization, imaging modality selection, and treatment-specific protocol development. Our expertise in pre-clinical imaging, veterinary radiology, and biomechanical testing provides essential information for new product development, design validation, and 510(k) submission.

We offer the following pre-clinical imaging services and expertise:

  • Exploratory imaging of novel, investigational treatments and materials.
  • Technical guidance on concurrent pre-clinical testing and functional imaging.
  • Quantitative evaluation of treatment-specific imaging characteristics.
  • Assessment of imaging artifact and techniques for artifact suppression.
  • Development of imaging protocols for optimal treatment visualization.
  • Image-based anatomical and functional data for product design and development.
  • Image-based assessment of treatment effect in pre-clinical models.
  • Expert guidance on tissue defect repair models and related testing.

Normative Reference Data for New Product Development

We maintain a proprietary database of anatomic reference data compiled from clinical imaging exams of human anatomy. Our database provides detailed anatomic, functional, and morphologic data used for early product design and development. Our quantitative imaging data are used to ensure that new device designs and instruments ideally conform to the complex features, function, and physiology of the human anatomy.

High-Precision, Pre-Clinical Imaging Evaluation

We conduct detailed, quantitative analyses of images obtained during biomechanical, functional, and other testing. Through close collaboration with commercial and academic test facilities, we assess treatment deployment, size, position, function, metabolism, and other metrics. Our image analysis results are used for product design validation, regulatory submission, and publication. Our long-term client relationships often begin at the earliest stages of the product lifecycle.

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