Data Collection, Storage, & Management

Secure, Electronic Management of Images and Data

We employ a validated, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant, proprietary data management platform purpose-built for clinical trials. Firewalls, physical security measures, and role-based logins control access to study information and data. All data are managed at a secure colocation facility with redundant storage, fire suppression, and environmental controls.

Our data management system offers the following features and benefits:

  • Integrated storage of all study images and data.
  • Paperless data capture, storage, and reporting.
  • Electronic signatures and audit trails per 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements.
  • Electronic image submission and de-identification.
  • Multi-reader blinding and adjudication.
  • Electronic discrepancy management and reporting.
  • Long-term data storage with redundant offsite backup.
  • Remote image access, viewing, and download.
  • Multi-layer security with role-based access control.

Secure Image Transfer

MMI has partnered with Medidata to provide integrated support for Rave Imaging, a secure image transfer platform enabling sites to upload images to our servers. Images are de-identified, encrypted, and time-stamped during transfer and can be viewed remotely on our systems after receipt. For Rave EDC users, the images are also accessible through a single sign-on solution in Rave. As needed, we support other image transfer solutions per sponsor preferences and study requirements.

Remote Image Access

Our proprietary MMI-View™ technology permits sponsors and partners to view images on demand, such as for pre-enrollment screening, DSMB meetings, and AE investigations. The software is downloadable via secure connection and updates automatically. Access to images and data is controlled through study-specific login privileges. A help desk is available for technical support. (MMI-View™ is for investigational use only and is not intended for patient diagnosis or management.)

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