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Role of Imaging in Acute Ischemic Stroke

December 09, 2021
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MMI’s neurovascular expert discusses the imaging modalities and endpoints relevant for the evaluation of AIS.

Key Highlights

  • Primary role of imaging in acute ischemic stroke
  • Appropriate time points and modalities needed to determine the safety and efficacy of treatment
  • Recommendations for an imaging-based assessment panel to evaluate the treatment outcomes
  • Recommendations on the radiologist paradigm and FDA-accepted standards for independent image review

Acute ischemic stroke caused by loss of normal blood supply to the brain is a leading cause of long-term disability. The effects of a stroke will be determined by the location and extent of the brain damage and time to restoration of blood supply to the affected region. Treatment options include agents (e.g., tPA, alteplase) that can dissolve clots in the bloodstream and endovascular procedures such as thrombectomy.

In routine clinical practice, an accurate evaluation and follow-up of acute ischemic stroke are conducted using diagnostic imaging. CT and MRI are routinely employed. Evaluation of novel stroke treatments and procedures as part of a clinical study requires detailed planning of all the imaging visits required to assess, treat, and follow up with patients. The imaging schedule provides an outline of the appropriateness and timing of the imaging modalities needed to assess the safety and efficacy of the treatment. Imaging-based endpoints, such as the degree of recanalization and revascularization, have been shown to have a direct correlation with clinical outcomes.

During this presentation, originally hosted as a virtual Xtalks webinar with our friends at Vastrax CRO, MMI key opinion leader Dr. Mayank Goyal provides an overview of the imaging modalities for the evaluation of acute ischemic stroke along with the timing of the imaging. Dr. Goyal then provides his thoughts on the imaging-based endpoints that are suitable to evaluate treatment efficacy. Lastly, a panel discussion is held between Ryan Bouchard (Vastrax) and Dr. Goyal further addressing the role of imaging in acute ischemic stroke studies.

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