Data Analysis & Interpretation

Promoting Awareness and Understanding of Study Outcomes

To help promote awareness and visibility of your clinical trial outcomes, we provide consulting services for post-study data analysis and interpretation. Our team of physicians, scientists, and medical writers develops summary reports and in-depth interpretations of findings for regulatory submission, scientific presentation, and publication. Our consulting services include:

  • Statistical data analysis and interpretation.
  • Content development for narrative reports and white papers.
  • Presentations to DSMBs, CECs, SABs, and regulatory advisory panels.
  • Literature-based responses to clinical-regulatory queries.
  • Review, synthesis, and summary of peer-reviewed literature.
  • Correlation of study-specific clinical and imaging outcomes.
  • Subgroup analysis and predictive analytics.
  • Medical writing and publication support.

Regulatory Submission and Medical Writing Support

We develop concise, technical reports and narrative summaries that facilitate a clear understanding of product performance and patient outcomes. Our writing services include preparation of regulatory dossiers, abstracts for scientific meetings, and manuscripts for publication. We maintain strict adherence to approved journal standards and assure accurate, objective reporting in regulatory submissions and written reports.

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