Data Analysis & Interpretation

Promoting Awareness and Understanding of Study Outcomes

MMI specializes in providing consulting services focused on scientific data analysis and interpretation. We partner with study sponsors to draft clearly written reports that facilitate understanding of the study outcomes. Our experienced team of opinion leaders, scientists, and medical writers is dedicated to helping sponsors interpret and report the results of their studies. We provide comprehensive statistical evaluations and summary interpretations of the imaging data, and we document our findings in professional reports that provide narrative content for regulatory submissions, presentations, and publications. Additionally, we work closely with CROs and data management teams to ensure our results are clearly understood.

Our scientific data analysis and report-writing services include:

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis of study-related imaging outcomes.
  • Creation of summary interpretative reports and white papers.
  • Content development for regulatory reports and submissions.
  • Response to image-related queries and requests.
  • Presentation at FDA panel meetings, DSMB meetings, and SAB meetings.
  • Assistance with medical writing and manuscript preparation.
  • Review, synthesis, and summary of the relevant scientific literature.
  • Comparison of imaging outcomes with reports in the literature.
  • Correlation of clinical and imaging findings, including subgroup analysis.
  • Recommendation of post-approval publication strategies.

Regulatory Submission and Medical Writing Support

We have a proven track record of creating accurate, succinct reports that ensure your clinical data are presented in the most effective way possible. Our focus is to provide clear summaries of imaging-related outcomes so that regulatory bodies can easily interpret the results of the trial. This includes participating in regulatory submissions and providing literature-based responses to queries upon request.

We offer an array of writing services for regulatory submissions that range from summary statistical reports to comprehensive narratives. We also support the development of scientific abstracts and manuscripts that educate the clinical and scientific community of key study findings. Our expertise includes high-quality literature research, concise communication of technical data, professional presentation, and strict adherence to approved journal standards. We understand the importance of high-quality submissions, and we will closely work with you to prepare your submission for regulatory approval and/or publication.

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